Saturday, March 30, 2013

Type. Print. Post: Customize learning targets for your classroom

Learning targets are great, but they can also quickly become unwieldy. Our originally designed fillable PDF learning targets help make the process of filling out, saving, posting, and managing your targets a breeze. You can type (or hand write, if the spirit moves you) in the spaces provided, save as often as you like, and file your targets for when you need them most.

Check it out!
The set comes in varying sizes and colors, 16 pages total. Your learning targets will be exceptionally organized and oh-so-coordinated. There are four different colors and patterns using the templates you see here.

And here's one idea for hanging them in your classroom! The picture below shows file folders taped together and the learning targets displayed inside of plastic sleeves:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our inaugural blog post (it comes with free labels!)

Ahhh... There's nothing like cracking open a brand-new blog and staring at the blank white of the page! 

We thought it would be fun to start this blog off by linking to the first free product we created. These great mailing labels come to you in fillable PDF format, which means you can customize them to say whatever you'd like and save the template again and again! The template fits Avery 5160 labels, which are available pretty much everywhere that labels are sold. Use them for addressing thank-you cards, labeling files, and whatever else you can think of. (After all, they're free)!

Get your free mailing labels here!